Sip The Best Aperol Spritz in Sydney

A Spritz a day keeps the doctor away

Approximately two years ago, Australians (finally) collectively acknowledged that Italy knows best. Meaning, we all finally realised that aperitivo is the new smoko. And with that, dear readers, we also discovered the wonder that is… the Aperol Spritz. So, since we’re very high-key obsessed with Aperol Spritz, we decided to go through our lovely harbour city and find the crème de la crème. Basically, where to get the best Aperol Spritz in Sydney. You’re welcome.

This heavenly glass of orange magic involves Aperol – a bitter yet refreshing Italian aperitif –, Prosecco, soda water and orange slices. Following these requisites, you can of course pimp it out to your liking. Personally, we’re all about the mint. But generally speaking, these four ingredients create a sipping experience to be reckoned with.

Aperol, Prosecco, soda water & orange is all you need. Source: Shutterstock \[…\]

For those unsure, aperitivo is essentially small plates and delicious drinks you have with friends and family before the main meal. It’s essential in Italy and we are 100% here for it.

So we sipped as many Spritzes as humanly possible, and tried an astounding number of cheese boards at the same time to bring you this list. So grab your besties and work your way through our guide to the best Aperol Spritz in Sydney. Enjoy!

The best Aperol Spritz in Sydney

Fratelli Fresh

Sometimes a place just gets you. And that place is Fratelli Fresh. Legends among us, the crew here offer 1.5 Litre Aperol Spritzes. Yes, you read that correctly. And yes, they are next level delish. Designed to be shared among you and your besties, sipping on one of these while you feast on their metre-long pizzas guarantees a fab afternoon or evening.

Find your Fratelli Fresh:

Darling Harbour | 14 Darling Drive, Darling Harbour, Sydney 2000

Entertainment Quarter | 211 Bent Street, Moore Park, Sydney 2021

Alexandria | 52 Mitchell Road, Alexandria, Sydney 2015

Westfield Sydney | Pitt & Market Streets, Sydney CBD 2000

Bridge Street | 11 Bridge Street, Sydney CBD 2000

Walsh Bay | 8/16 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay, Sydney 2000

Crows Nest | 118 Willoughby Road, Crows Nest, Sydney 2065

Hotel Palisade

By now, you’re probably aware we’re all about Hotel Palisade. There’s levels, different rooms and arguably the best view in Sydney. All of which sets the perfect scene for Aperol drinking time. There are several Spritz options you can choose from – the pompelo one with grapefruit is fire – but the classic is just tasty.

35 Bettington Street, Millers Point, Sydney 2000

Bondi Hardware

What could be better than a Spritz in the heart of Bondi? Not much, really. Bondi Hardware is as cool as a cucumber and provides the ultimate backdrop for any occasion. The Spritz here is perfectly balanced, V Instagrammable and totally delicious. There’s also an excellent menu that works perfectly with aperitivo. Think small plates made from top-quality ingredients. Yas queen, indeed.

39 Hall Street, Bondi, Sydney 2026

The Port

Located in Darling Harbour, The Port is a supreme choice for Spritz o’clock. What could be better than people watching or checking out all that goes on at this iconic Sydney location. Honestly, Aperol and waterfront views go together like basil and tomatoes. While the Aperol Spritz is fantastic, the Campari version is also excellent.

2-10 Darling Drive, Darling Harbour, Sydney 2000

The Governor Hotel

Another brilliant venue, The Governor Hotel is a must-visit venue. The bar is helmed by the legendary Andrew Ratcliff from Eau de Vie, so you know the quality is going to be up there with the best. So dedicated is this venue to the art of the Spritz, they’ve even hosted an event called Stretch & Spritz Fridays with Lululemon. Whether or not that floats your boat, the Aperol Spritz are delicious and the vibe is great – what else could you need?

9 Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park, Sydney 2113

Bondi Icebergs

Would it even be a list about drinks in Sydney if it didn’t include Bondi Icebergs? The answer is no, friends. Complete with the best view in Australia, you can sip sip sip on the Spritz of your dreams as you take in sweeping views of Bondi and the iconic pool this hotspot is known for. Perfect during summer and winter, an afternoon of Aperol Spritzes, your best friends and delicious food is never a bad idea. The best Aperol Spritz in Sydney? You’d best believe.

1 Notts Avenue, Bondi, Sydney 2026