Candy is Dandy: The Best Dessert in Sydney

Welcome friends, welcome to the dessert factory

Chocoholics, pastry fanatics and cake enthusiastics, this one’s for you. While we’re all about that savoury life here at Quisine, we’re also all about the sweet side. So, we decided to find out where the best dessert in Sydney is. It was a really difficult task… you have no idea. We’ve included dessert degustations, cafes serving dessert for brunch and Milky Lane – if you know, then you know.

If the thought of eating cake for breakfast or skipping dinner and just going straight for ice cream is your kind of deal, then this article is for you. You’ll definitely find something to satisfy that sweet tooth. So, take a gander, ideally eat some veggies first and then work your way through the best dessert in Sydney!

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Best dessert in Sydney

1. Milky Lane

Ok, so it’s quite clear we’re low-key obsessed with Milky Lane: see here and here. And whilst we’ve spoken about it’s burgers before, now we’re looking at what essentially made them famous. The absolutely mental desserts. The talented crew behind the scenes are passionate about taking everything you know about desserts, and flipping them to become something entirely new, decadent and mouth-watering. Examples of note include the deep-fried Tim Tam ice cream; Bubble O’ Bill dessert cocktail and their permanent deep-fried Magnum ego or Gaytime. A must for any sweet tooth on the hunt for the best dessert in Sydney. Order: Fried Churros Bowl topped with coconut gelato, Nutella and salted caramel sauce – or anything from the specials list.

Bondi:141 Curlewis Street, Bondi, Sydney 2026Sun – Thurs: Midday – 10pm, Fri – Sat: Midday – 11pm

Cronulla:7/8 Gerrale Street, Cronulla, Sydney 2020Sun – Thurs: Midday – 10pm, Fri – Sat: Midday – 11pm

Parramatta:20/22 Macquarie Street, Parramatta, Sydney 2150Sun – Thurs: Midday – 10pm, Fri – Sat: Midday – 11pm

Coogee:244 Coogee Bay Road, Coogee, Sydney 2034Mon – Sun: Midday – 10pm

Crows Nest:70-76 Alexander Street, Crows Nest, Sydney 2065Sun – Thurs: 11:30 – 10pm; Fri – Sat: 11:30 – 11pm

2. Black Star Pastry

Obviously no list about the best dessert in Sydney is complete without the watermelon cake from Black Star Pastry. Made with layers of dacquoise, watermelon and rose-scented cream, this viral dessert attracts the masses. 20,000 of them per week, in fact. There’s four locations of Black Star in Sydney, and we highly advise visiting them all. There’s a wide selection of pastries, cakes and savoury bites, but trying the iconic watermelon cake should be top of the list.Order: Watermelon cake made with two layers of almond dacquoise (like a meringue), rose-scented cream, watermelon, strawberries and garnished with pistachios and dried rose petals.

Newtown:277 Australia Street, Newtown, Sydney 2024__Mon – Sun: 7 – 5:30pm

Roseberry:113 Dunning Avenue, Rosebery, Sydney 2018__Mon – Fri: 7 – 4pm; Sat – Sun: 8 – 5pm

Moore Park:210 Bent Street, The Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park 2021__Mon – Sat: 8 – 4pm; Sun: 9 – 5pm

Sydney CBD:500 George Street, Sydney 2000__Mon – Wed: 10 – 6:30pm; Thurs: 10 – 8pm; Fri – Sat: 10 – 6:30pm; Sun: 11 – 5:30pm

3. Ironwood Coffee Company

Dessert for breakfast at Ironwood? Source: Quandoo \[…\] [

Whilst Ironwood Coffee Company serves mostly savoury cafe dishes, it’s become sought-after for one thing in particular: Belgian waffles. They do them well here, seriously well. You can get a variety of toppings but we’re quite partial to the fresh strawberries and chocolate fudge sauce – can you blame us? There’s a distinctive Greek twist to things here, and the coffee is spot on, too.Order: Belgian waffles served with vanilla ice cream, maple syrup and your choice of toppings.

102 Woolwich Road, Woolwich, Sydney 2110__Mon: 7 – 4 pm; Tues – Sun: 7 – 10 pm

4. Messina Creative Department

Another contender for the ‘it would be ridiculous not to include’ category: Messina. After raging success, these legends of gelato have created a dessert restaurant featuring one table, eight seats and plenty of love. It’s an eight-course degustation that challenges, excites, confuses and delights your senses all at once. The options are seasonal, fresh and always inventive – as if we’d expect any less. This is a must for any Messina fan.Order: It’s a degustation and it always changes but you can expect dishes such as rosemary gelato paired with duck ravioli and duck liver cream accompanied by grapes, blackcurrant & pomegranate.

243 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney 2010__Thurs – Fri: 5 – 10pm; 4:30 – 10pm; Sun: Midday – 8pm

5. Sir Braxton Chocolate Bar

Sir Braxton is finger lickin’ good! Source: Quandoo \[…\] [Read More…](

As its name suggests, Sir Braxton Chocolate Bar is a place designed for chocoholics. Meaning, you’ll find all the desserts you could ever possibly dream of in this Rockdale spot. They serve waffles, crepes, candied pizza, chocolate pasta and fondue so delicious, you won’t know what to do with yourself after. The space is stylish and they also offer some savoury options if you need something to offset the sugar.Order: Chocolate candied pizza made on a delicious thin pizza base smothered in fluffy marshmallows, drizzled with gourmet Belgian milk or white chocolate. Served with fresh fruit and mini chocolate crispy balls.

13-19 Bryant Street, Rockdale, Sydney 2216__Sun – Thurs: 7 – 10pm; Fri: 7 – 11pm; Sun: 8 – 11pm