Slice up Your Life: 15 Best Pizza Places in Melbourne

Pizza forever, we’ll be waiting

We mention our undying love of pizza fairly regularly at Quisine. We’ve already got a whole article dedicated to Melbourne’s best Italian restaurants, but we think it’s time to go one step further and shout about our favourite pizza places in the city. And why the hell would we not when the pizza scene in Melbourne is so freakin’ good (if you dough, you know).

Melbourne and Italian restaurants go together like bread and butter… or mozzarella and Napoletana sauce. In fact, this food hub was home to the very first pizzeria in the whole of Australia. We’re of course talking about the famous Toto’s.

Many other pizza places around the city have gained a similar reputation, such as 400 Gradi by Johnny di Francesco which now slings authentic Neapolitan style pizza at several venues across town.

Now, that’s not to say the pasta in Sydney or Italian restaurants in Brisbane aren’t hot stuff – but Melbourne definitely knows what it’s doing when it comes to cooking excellent pizza. So whether you’re looking for the best pizza in the Melbourne CBD or in Richmond, Lygon Street or South Yarra, you’ll find exceptional pizzerias around every corner.

Parma ham enthusiasts, trendy sourdough pizza eaters, vegan pals, Margherita purists – whoever you are, this list is for you. Just don’t expect any pineapple on pizza nonsense.

The 15 best pizza joints in Melbourne

NOTE: With Melbourne restaurants currently closed for dine-in, we encourage you to support the below eateries by engaging in their takeaway and delivery services.

1000 Lire Pizza & Stuzzichini

FITZROYWe have over 1000 reasons why you should visit this George Street pizza restaurant in North Fitzroy. The space is super cosy with rustic exposed brick, industrial lights and a great big wood fired pizza oven taking centre stage. The pizza dough is perfectly thin and crisp with all the classic Italian toppings available. Head down on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays for deals like $10 pizzas or two beers, two pizzas and one bowl of chips for $40.

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Named after the king of Naples who loved sneaking out to eat pizza with the plebs, Ferdinand is where everyday Melburnians go for the royal treatment. The dough here has that beautiful burnished look that we oh so love. Choose from traditional pizzas with generous dollops of buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto, fresh basil and more. The pizzas can also be made vegan or gluten free.

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**Eat’aliano by Pino


From the co-owner of La Svolta, Eat’aliano is Pino Russo’s newest venture. The restaurant honours all aspects of Italian cuisine, showcasing the recipes and traditions passed down through generations of Nonnas. Best of all, their pizza is certified by Vera Pizza Napoletana – so close your eyes and indulge in your Eat Pray Love moment. On top of pizze rosse and bianche, Pino and his crew serve some excellent antipasti and cocktails for when aperitivo hour strikes.

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Proof Pizzeria

HEIDELBERGTurns out the proof is in the pizza, and we have firm evidence that this Burgundy Street joint has passed the test. Fresh from the roaring wood fired oven, expect over 20 varieties of pizza. The dough is chewy and puffy around the edges and delicately thin in the middle (a.k.a. everything you want) with both traditional and unconventional toppings. Enjoy a capricciosa or diavola or go for the lamb or Mexican style pizza. Proof Pizzeria diverges from tradition but their execution is on point.

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Ombra Salumi

EAST ENDTucked away on Bourke Street next to their sibling Grossi Florentino, Ombra doubles as a cured meat and pizza bar. A dream scenario for many locals, the slick and modern space offers a place to dine on cicchetti and pizza loaded with the greatest selection of formaggio and premium salami, prosciutto and pancetta.

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**Lazer Pig


Hip as heck, everyone wants in on Lazer Pig’s pizza club. Where do we even start with this place… The pizza looks straight from the streets of Napoli, the staff are super cool (in the most friendly and unpretentious way) and the bar glistens with an excellent range of organic and natural wines, negroni ingredients, beer and more. You can opt for vegan cheese, gluten free or even make it a fructose free feast. Plus, Lazer Pig is currently selling bottles of their iconic chilli oil for your kitchen pantry (highly recommended).

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Pizza Meine Liebe

NORTHCOTEIf you have a fully fledged love affair with pizza, Pizza Meine Liebe can totally relate. In an intimate and minimalistic digs on High Street in Northcote, this restaurant places no limits on their relationship with the good stuff. Gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan (there’s a bunch of different plant-based cheeses to choose from) or traditional, it’s all on offer here. We appreciate the little extras on PML’s bases, like truffle oil, salty anchovies and spicy sopressa. Also, the wines from Victoria coupled with Italian vino is a huge drawcard.

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**Osteria 20


Those darn lucky Hawthorne residents have yet another neighbourhood restaurant to gloat about. Osteria 20 is a beautiful open-planned eatery to gather with friends and family over a few too many slices. The pizza selection is truly authentic with an endless supply of fior di latte, San Marzano tomatoes, salami, pecorino… You get the picture. For something a little different (and lavish) we say go for the Gorgonzola with shaved pear, walnuts and truffle honey or the Patate with thinly sliced potatoes, taleggio, parsley and rosemary.

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**Farro Pizzeria


Healthy eating certainly isn’t top of mind when pizza is involved. However, it’s very nice to know that Farro Pizzeria is filling up their diners with natural, organic and nourishing ingredients – without compromising the integrity or taste of their pizza. Named after the ancient grain farro, or spelt, the chefs here use 100% organic spelt flour in their dough as well as offer gluten free alternatives. There’s typical Margherita and Napoletana, but if you’re after all the extra bells and whistles you’ll be pleasantly satisfied.

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SOUTH YARRA / DOCKLANDS / CBDWhile some cool and Instagram-friendly restaurants risk missing the mark when it comes to delivering top notch fare, this is not the case at A25. The pizzeria has three locations around Melbourne, with plant walls, neon ‘Pizza is Sexy’ signs and candy floss cocktails all making an appearance. But amongst the modern twists, the pizza itself is beautifully handcrafted with respect to Italian old world traditions and techniques. Don’t miss the crowd pleaser, Bunga Bunga: Italian pork sausage, porcini and mixed mushrooms, tomato sugo, fior di latte, parsley and parmesan.

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ST KILDA EAST / ELWOODSince 2002, Zanini has been making Melbourne a happier place with its extensive range of wood fired pizza, as well as other Italian classics. It wasn’t long before word got out about the mad skills of Zanini’s pizzaiolos and the restaurant now has an additional home in Melbourne’s St Kilda. Light and fluffy crusts, evenly cooked bases, fresh ingredients… It’s a big YES from us. As well as typical ingredients, the pizza party is extended to vegans too thanks to a plant-based mozzarella alternative.

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**Pizza Religion


HAWTHORNE / MALVERNReady to be saved by the divine creation of a perfect slice of pizza? Your prayers have been answered by the one and only Pizza Religion. Impossibly light and crispy bases are the regular here, and the toppings are fun, creative and probably a little blasphemous if we’re being honest. Choose between pork and veal meatballs, roasted butternut pumpkin, smoked beef brisket, chilli prawns and more. Take me to church!

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The furthest you can get to a woolies frozen pizza, SPQR takes the long and slow approach to their dough. The base is made from sourdough fermented overnight which is then thrown into the flames of the wood-fired oven. The result? A light and airy dough with a brilliant blistered crust. Red or white, it’s all good – especially with the addition of local booze, spritzes and tiramisu as a finale.

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Baby Pizzeria

RICHMONDGood times are a constant at Baby Pizzeria. And that’s down to its neighbourly hospitality, laid back vibe and freakin’ glorious pizza dough. The menu is Italian at heart with a good smack of fresh and local produce to bring diners back to Richmond. The space itself is bold and edgy with an outdoor area perfect for sunny days eating too much pizza and perhaps drinking too many apricot negronis. Oh baby baby!

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Takeaway Pizza

PRESTONPizza, booze and good times is the order of today and everyday at Takeaway Pizza. While we’ve been mostly harping on about the Italian style of pizza preparation, this Preston spot is a tribute to the American way of flinging dough. Three days goes into slowly fermenting each wheel of pizza and is finished off with a slow-cooked tomato sugo, smoked mozzarella and other interesting toppings that caters to vegan and gluten free crowds too. Although the premise is ‘takeaway’, we recommend heading inside the restaurant’s late night slice bar for cocktails combated by large carby slices.

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