The Best Steak in Sydney to Sink Your Teeth Into

Sometimes there isn’t anything like making your way through a perfectly-cooked, damn fine juicy steak. So in tribute to that very delicious dining experience, we’ve picked out our favourite places for steak in Sydney.

As with our list of Melbourne’s greatest steakhouses, it proved pretty tough selecting the best steak in Sydney. Just like any cuisine in the city’s restaurant scene, there’s plenty of competition. From dry-aged Wagyu and grain-fed Riverine cattle to grass-fed cuts from Cape Grim, the quality of beef at Sydney steakhouses is apparent.

Located in the Tramsheds dining precinct, Butcher and The Farmer is one our favourite Sydney restaurants for steak. Source: Quandoo \[…\]

If you’re looking for tips about picking out the perfect steak for you, you can check out The Meat & Wine Co’s handy guide. Or you can just jump right into this list! Go on you carnivores, get amongst these juicy numbers now.

The Meat & Wine Co

One of the most distinguished steakhouses in Australia, The Meat & Wine Co is a group of restaurants putting world-class quality beef at the forefront of their business. They offer one of Melbourne’s favourite steaks and the same can be said for Sydney. With locations in Circular Quay, Barangaroo and Parramatta, these guys are unique because of their African-inspired meat basting. The Australian wine list is also a stand-out bonus.

Steak details

Price: $25 – $79 Beef: Monte, Wagyu, Shorthorn Cuts: rump eye, rib-eye, rump, fillet, New Yorker

Open Monday to Friday from 12 – 10pm, and weekends from 12 – 11pm. Locations in Circular Quay, Barangaroo and Parramatta

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Steersons Steakhouse

With a sophisticated dining room, professional service and beautiful location on the harbour, Steersons Steakhouse is a charming restaurant and that’s even before you consider the food. Yet it’s safe to conclude steak is the real drawcard for dining here. More details about the beef can be seen on their website, but trust us when we say the quality is impeccable. Book in for Valentine's Day dinner and sweep your S/O off their feet.

Steak details

Price: $29.90 – $79.90 Beef: Angus, Wagyu, Hereford, breeds from Riverine Cuts: fillet, eye fillet, sirloin, fillet mignon, rib-eye, rib on the bone, T-bone, rump

Open Monday to Sunday from 12 – 3pm and 5:30 – 10:30pm. Located in Barangaroo.

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Rockpool Bar & Grill

Situated in a spectacular dining room within the City Mutual Building, ambience and atmosphere is at a premium at the Rockpool Bar & Grill. This art deco space is the perfect home for this downtown Sydney restaurant’s dining concept, with simplicity at its core. Their beef is dry aged on site to ensure maximum, purposeful flavour in every cut and then cooked with real craft over a wood-fired grill. There’s even the famous and elusive dry aged Mishima from David Blackmore. Are Rockpool serving the best steak in Sydney? They very well could be.

Steak details

Price: $52 – $250Beef: Wagyu, Cape Grim cattle, Rangers Valley cattleCuts: scotch fillet, sirloin, topside, rib-eye, rump cap, rump, T-bone, fillet, minute fillet

Open Monday to Wednesday from 12 – 3pm and 6 – 10pm, Thursday and Friday from 12 – 3pm and 6 – 11pm, Saturday from 5:30 – 11pm, Sunday from 6 – 10pm. Located in the Sydney CBD.

BLACK Bar & Grill

With its harbour views, gorgeous dining room and gifted team of restaurateurs, BLACK Bar & Grill is an eatery synonymous with class. Located within The Star, this restaurant is well taken care of with executive chef Dany Karam and head sommelier Addy Lam at the helm. Great attention to detail is shown toward the beef (as well as the accompanying wine), as it is first lightly smoked over cherry wood ash and then grilled on an ironbark-powered wood-fired grill.

Steak details

Price: $49 – $86 Beef: Wagyu, Angus, Rangers Valley cattle Cuts: rump cap, flat iron, skirt, flank, fillet, rib-eye, scotch fillet, striploin, bone-in striploin

Open Monday to Sunday from 12 – 3pm and 5:30 – 10:30pm. Located in Pyrmont.

Butcher and The Farmer

As their name might suggest, Butcher and The Farmer are all about respecting the craft of suppliers. Known for their seasonal paddock-to-plate approach to food and wine, this restaurant also has a beautiful dining space within the Sydney Tramsheds dining precinct. As for the steak, come for lunch or dinner and see for yourself what quality fresh produce really tastes like.

Steak details

Price: $25 – $65 Beef: Wagyu, more grass-fed and grain-fed cattle (ask the restaurant for details) Cuts: rump eye, eye fillet, sirloin, rib-eye, striplion

Open Monday to Thursday from 11:30am – 9pm, Friday from 11:30am – 10pm, Saturday from 8am – 10pm, and Sunday from 8am – 9pm. Located in Forest Lodge.

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Bringing the flavours of Argentina to Sydney, Porteño is a bustling bistro serving some of the city’s best steaks. The meat here possesses flavour on another level thanks to the restaurant’s traditional parilla barbecue and asado fire pit. The menu is designed to be shared, just like how the Argentineans dine, and there’s a quality wine list to complement. Our recommendation? Order the 42-day, dry-aged rib-eye with mama-style garlic rice.

Steak details

Price: $46 – $85 (dishes designed for sharing) Beef: enquire at the restaurant Cuts: sirloin, rib-eye, short rib, beef tongue

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 6pm – 12am, lunch service also on Fridays from 12 – 4pm. Located in Surry Hills.


A South American steakhouse serving mouth-watering food, CHAR & CO is a restaurant dedicated to cooking with a special wood fire barbecue. This ensures delicious smoky flavour in their meat, which is all sourced from Australian-owned and sustainable farms. Inspired by Brazilian gaucho cooking, you can order a rump cap steak or go for the all-you-can-eat churrasco option with unlimited service of varied BBQ meat.

Steak details

Price: $35, or churrasco for $55 Beef: enquire at the restaurant Cuts: rump cap, traditional Brazilian beef cuts

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 5:30 – 10:30pm, and Sunday from 12 – 3pm and 5:30 – 10pm. Located in Double Bay.

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The Cut Bar & Grill

Inspired by the steakhouses of New York, The Cut Bar & Grill serves the kind of steak which literally melts in your mouth. This can be best savoured through their signature dish – slow-cooked prime rib off the bone from grain-fed Angus and Wagyu cross beef. Their charcoal grill is also used to churn out some delicious fresh seafood like pipis with Nduja sausage and octopus with burnt cucumber.

Steak details

Price: $48 – $118 Beef: Angus, Wagyu, Cape Grim cattle Cuts: skirt, flank, fillet, rump cap, sirloin, rib-eye, rib off the bone

Open Monday to Friday from 12 – 3pm to 6 – 10:30pm, Saturday from 5:30 – 11pm, and Sunday from 5:30 – 10pm. Located in The Rocks.


Firedoor is an atmospheric restaurant in Surry Hills whose menu is entirely powered by fire and its delicious capability to cook refined yet rustic cuisine. With two hats from the Good Food Guide to show for it, their kitchen utilises two wood-fired ovens, three grills and wood-burning hearth. The restaurant has an open kitchen which allows diners to watch the spectacle, as well as savouring some truly divine steak.

Steak details

The à la carte menu at Firedoor changes daily. But expect everything from Wagyu steaks and chuck tail to 172-day dry-aged beef rib. This is utmost gourmet quality, so expect an expense.

Open Tuesday and Wednesday from 5:30 – 10:30pm, and Thursday to Saturday from 12 – 3pm and 5:30 – 10:30pm. Located in Surry Hills.


Chophouse describes itself as a contemporary Aussie steak restaurant and that means quality meat from local farmers who take pride in their work, as well as plenty of Australian wines. After all, nothing beats the combo of shiraz and rib on the bone steak cooked to perfection on Chophouse’s Montague broiler. Make sure you try the bone marrow!

Steak details

Price: $28 – $63 Beef: Angus, Wagyu, Riverine cattle Cuts: fillet, rib on the bone, rump, rump cap, T-bone, minute fillet, sirloin, tomahawk

Open Monday to Friday from 12 – 10pm, and Saturday from 6 – 10pm. Located in the Sydney CBD.


BISTECCA is a unique restaurant on our list because it’s strictly not a steakhouse, but rather an Italian eatery. Yet it deserves a spot on our list because of their signature dish – Tuscany’s famous steak bistecca alla Fiorentina. This T-bone steak is weighed by the gram and cooked over charcoal, ironbark and olive branch fire. Coming medium rare (as is the tradition), this is a steak you’ll want to savour with every bite.

Steak details

Price: $13 per 100 grams Beef: Riverine cattle Cuts: T-bone

Open for lunch from Tuesday to Friday from 12 – 3pm; for dinner from Monday to Saturday from 5:30 – 10pm or 11pm. Located in the Sydney CBD.


If we’re going to mention Italy’s most famous steak dish, if would only be fair to do the same for France. That’s where Kittyhawk comes in, a sophisticated French restaurant and cocktail bar. They do the classic steak frites, a popular dish in French brasseries, justice by lathering it in Montpellier butter and serving it juicy alongside fries. Better yet, the dazzling and bustling atmosphere of Kittyhawk is great, inspired by the Liberation of Paris in 1944 and the era’s old-world charm.

Steak details

Price: $28 Beef: enquire at the restaurant Cuts: top sirloin

Open Monday to Friday from 3pm – 12am, and Saturday from 4pm – 12am. Located in the Sydney CBD.

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Kingsleys Steakhouse

Located within a former candle factory dating back to 1833, the heritage-listed dining space at Kingsleys Steakhouse sets the scene for a meal to remember. And when the steak turns up on your table, chances are the premium quality will cement the meal in your memory for good. Sourcing quality beef from throughout Australia, this restaurant has long been passionate about serving sensational steak since opening in 1994. When it comes to good food, sometimes experience is everything.

Steak details

Price: $29.90 – $72.90 Beef: Angus, Wagyu, Riverine cattle Cuts: fillet, eye fillet, sirloin, fillet mignon, rib-eye, rib on the bone, T-bone, rump

Open Monday to Sunday from 12 – 3pm and 5:30 – 10:30pm. Located in the Sydney CBD.

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The Oaks Hotel

For those from the North Shore, The Oaks Hotel is the place to go if you’re after one of the best steaks in Sydney. With a history dating back to 1885, their bar and grill serves classic pub grub and quality beer on tap. Their steaks are definitely the most affordable on our list, but that’s not to say the glory of a juicy cut isn’t there.

Steak details

Price: $29 – $49 Beef: enquire at the restaurant Cuts: rump cap, sirloin, scotch fillet, T-bone, eye fillet, fillet mignon, rib-eye, tomahawk

Open Monday to Sunday from 12 – 10pm (Friday and Saturday until 11pm). Located in Neutral Bay.