New on Quandoo: Sarti.It

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Set your sights on Sarti.It

We’ve spoken about our love of Sarti.It before, but because we’re total suckers for Italian food here at Quisine, we want to highlight this iconic Italian restaurant once again. Relatively new to the Quandoo fam, Sarti.It is yet another reason why Melbourne restaurants are some of the best in the country… as if we needed more proof, right?

1/2 shell Japanese scallops, corn puree, truffle powder. Yes, please. Source: Quandoo \[…\]

Grazie Mille, Signore Masciopinto

Let’s begin by looking at the man behind it all, head chef Paolo Masciopinto. Bringing a wealth of experience from Michelin-starred restaurants in London, Italy and the iconic Melbourne restaurant Grossi Florentino, his level of skill and passion is honestly inspiring. Since joining Sarti in 2013, Masciopinto has created a fresh and exciting menu brimming with creative takes on Italian classics.

The restaurant is set in a contemporary and carefully designed space on Russell Place in the Melbourne CBD. Its interior is inspired by traditional New York bistros with a neon red sign that attracts us like moths to the flame. Sarti is sleek, busy in the right kind of way and casual, which complements the menu perfectly. This restaurant showcases the new style of fine dining in Melbourne – sans stiff white tablecloths and the over-the-top attitude. What remains, rather, is a return to food in some ways. Meaning, the focus is all about quality, flavour combinations, pushing the boundaries of testing traditional recipes and making the experience more fun than serious.

Dine in New York bistro style at Sarti Melbourne. Source: Quandoo \[…\] [Read More&#](

Frankly, my dear, you should eat all of the things

As we said, the Sarti menu boasts creative and revamped modern Italian cuisine. With a distinctive Australian twist thrown in for good measure. Imagine freshly shucked oysters; Japanese scallops with corn puree and truffle powder and prosciutto-wrapped quail with cauliflower puree and figs… and that’s just to begin.

In terms of pasta, it’s hard to go past the signature Western Australian blue swimmer crab spaghetti alla chitarra. This one is served with fresh tomato, garlic, chilli and fish roe and has put Sarti on the map. But we also love the cannelloni di anatra filled with duck, baby king browns and mushroom consomme. With secondi plates that give us major love heart eyes and dolci and formaggi menus to end all dolci and formaggi menus, let’s just say your time at Sarti.It will be one you won’t be able to forget.

Also, be sure to keep an eye out for the feed me menu, a degustation highlighting the best from this Italian restaurant in Melbourne.

Ok, we’ll stop gushing now and let you discover the wonder of Sarti Melbourne for yourself.

Try Sarti.It

6 Russell Place, Melbourne CBD 3000

Step into Sarti. Source: Quandoo