Why is Everyone Obsessed With Hummus?

Hummus where the heart is

So, you’re obsessed with hummus? Look, we don’t blame you. It’s a delicious thing, truly. Goes well with a loaf of freshly baked Turkish bread, sourdough, pita, or, well, any kind of crispy, doughy goodness really. It also serves as an exceptional addition to any salad. No one is ever gonna be all ‘I’m so sad you brought hummus to the party’. We can tell you quite assuredly, no one has ever said that. Ever. But the question is, why have we developed a curious obsession with hummus in recent years? Especially considering that at the end of the day, this Middle Eastern food is simply a dip made out of chickpeas.

So, after much internet stalking, reading, pondering and primary research (we’d like to thank all the tubs of hummus for their contribution to this article) we can confirm we know why everyone is obsessed with hummus. It’s because, dear hummus-loving readers, this Middle Eastern food is timeless.

Hummus will always take centre stage. Source: Quandoo \[…\] [Read More](https://quisine.quandoo.com.au/trends/hummus-middle-eastern-food-sydney/attachment/middle-eastern-food-sydney/)

Much ado about chickpeas

Think about it. It’s one of the only dips that pretty much everyone loves, so it’s not controversial. It’s been around for yonks. Seriously, we challenge you to think of one party growing up, through your teens and in adulthood where hummus wasn’t present. That’s how you know that it’s reliable and steadfast. It’s cheap, easy to make and honestly, extremely hard to screw up. Plus, it’s pretty good for you too.

All things considered, there is quite simply nothing better than eating this delightful Middle Eastern food at a restaurant made by those who know best. The Middle Eastern restaurants in Sydney are a breeding ground for some of the best hummus going. You’ll find creative takes on it alongside traditional recipes. As well as hummus paired with things you didn’t even know hummus could be paired with. And who doesn’t want to know where the best hummus in Sydney is, right? (For you Melburnians, look here for the best Middle Eastern restaurants in Melbourne.)

Nothing short of a feast happens at the Middle Eastern restaurants in Sydney. Source: Shutterstcok \[…\]

So look, whether you’re deep in the hummus memes trap or if you simply enjoy this iconic chickpea dip like a normal person, put down your cheap (albeit delicious) $2 tub and pay the Middle Eastern restaurants in Sydney a visit. You’ll no doubt find the best hummus in Sydney. We did.

Find the best hummus & Middle Eastern food in Sydney

Shenkin Kitchen

Do yourself a solid and head to the holy grail of hummus in Sydney – Shenkin Kitchen. There’s a few branches around the traps, and this one is Enmore is a fav of ours. If you like hummus, this Middle Eastern restaurant in Sydney is the one for you.

Order: The hummus platter (obviously) with either harif, grilled eggplant, mushroom and onion, fava bean and egg or shakshuka and spicy coriander.

129 Enmore Road, Enmore, Sydney 2042


Ok so… the name of this Middle Eastern restaurant in Sydney literally translates to ‘grandma’s’. Honestly, at this point, we don’t even need to say anything else other than go here now. Traditional, family-friendly, a fusion of Lebanese and Armenian food and home to exceptional hummus. There you are, now off you go.

Order: Teta’s lemon garlic chicken with a side of that heavenly hummus.

25 Babbage Road, Roseville Chase, Sydney 2069


Ah SaltVine, how we love what you do with the humble chickpea. This is a Middle Eastern restaurant in Sydney that’s making some serious waves. Serving Lebanese cuisine with a modern twist, it’s all about mezze here and we are big fans. Their hummus also includes pickled cucumber and cherry tomatoes and you’ll definitely need to order several plates of it. Because, hummus.

Order: The grilled lamb shoulder that’s been slow-cooked in spices and served with roast onion labneh… with a side of hummus, obviously.

535 Crown Street, Surry Hills, Sydney 2010

Embers Mezze Bar

Ok so this is why we love Middle Eastern food. Embers Mezze Bar challenges your perceptions on Lebanese cuisine and offers some of the most creative and exceptional dishes and cocktails in town. A blend of fine dining and casual, the menu at Embers makes our heart skip a beat. Literally. And yes, the hummus served with freshly baked Afghani and sesame bread is a major reason for that.

Order: Carob glazed beef cheeks with freekeh grapes and sheep’s milk labneh in addition to the hummus.

52 Oxford St, Darlinghurst, Sydney 2010

Atlantis on the Bay

How about hummus with some sea views? Is there a better combination? We think not. Which is where Atlantis on the Bay at Brighton-le-Sands comes in. This places lives and breathes Middle Eastern food meaning, it lives and breathes hummus. There are four types you can order: the classic, hummus with pine nuts, with chilli or with minced meat. Whether it’s a date night with your special someone, a group celebration or a date night with you and hummus, Atlantis on the Bay is where hummus dreams are made.

Order: Clearly you’ll need to order all of those hummus plates. Then, we love the Atlantic barbecue prawns coated with spicy tahini sauce.

88A The Grand Parade,, Brighton-Le-Sands, Sydney 2216