Let’s Talk About Bots, Baby

Q-Chat | All about that reservation bot life

If you’re a bit of a tech noob, you’ve come to the right place – despite the fact that we’re about to discuss something tech-related. But we promise, this article will get you excited. Or, at the very least, hungry. Basically, we’re thrilled to announce the excellent new product from Quandoo that allows you to book restaurants via chatbot.

We’re going to take a leap of faith here and assume that you happen to enjoy food. Apologies if this is not the case, but you are on a site dedicated to food so forgive us for jumping to conclusions. Here at Quisine, we very much enjoy food and very, very, very much enjoy eating in restaurants, cafes, bars and well, anywhere – despite our bank account advising against it. But we can honestly say, sometimes booking and choosing a restaurant can be a giant pain. It’s rare to meet something who is all ‘I LOVE scrolling through listings, deliberating, checking if it suits the gluten, vegan and life intolerances of my friends before entering in all my personal details’. Which is why Q-Chat: Booking Mate has got us all hot and bothered… in a good way.

Not an app person? No worries

You don’t need a special app and you don’t need to sign into anything, in fact you don’t even really need to give much info. Why? Because, dear readers, it’s already been entered. By whom, you ask? By you, most likely eons ago… when you first set up your Facebook account.

Q-Chat is a reservation bot that’s completely linked to your Facebook account. But not in an annoying way – we promise. It just makes your life a heck of a lot easier. Picture this: you’re hungry, feel like being fancy and treating yourself but don’t have the Quandoo app and you’re on the go. All you need to do is go to Messenger, search for Quandoo AU, then the Booking Mate will guide you to a restaurant, book you in and send you an email confirmation. You rarely need to type, you simply tap the options provided. This friends, is the future… of booking restaurants via chatbot at least.

It’s easier (& less needy) than messaging your friends

That’s it. All over, you’re booked in. No extra bits, nothing annoying, nada. Besides, all the cool kids are using bots to book restaurants these days. Quandoo launched Q-Chat this July and so far, everyone has been more than impressed. Why not give this reservation bot technology a go and book a restaurant via chatbot? Our guess is that you’ll become a Q-Chat convert.

Now go forth, book with Q-Chat, eat and stay anti-tech forever… Just kidding, we love tech. Maybe as much as we love food… but only maybe.

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