Football Fever in The North: Where to Watch The FIFA World Cup in Brisbane

Oh hey, BNE: Here’s the lowdown on the FIFA World Cup

It’s started, folks. The event that happens every four years and gets the world more excited than any other sporting – or regular – event ever. While the Olympics are fine and all, they’ve got nothing on the near-religious experience that is the FIFA World Cup. As you’re probably (definitely) aware, the FIFA World Cup 2018 is being held in Russia. Meaning, as usual, that we get jipped with that old time difference chestnut. Luckily for us, however, the first round is fairly manageable. So you won’t be too bleary-eyed for work… Or you probably will, but it won’t be as bad as when it was in Brazil. Promise.

Socceroos: You got this. We got this. Source: Shutterstock \[…\] [Read M](

Socceroos, we got you!

So far we’ve already had to deal with the sad loss of Australia vs France. But it’s not over yet. Within our group, we’ve still got Australia vs Denmark on Thursday at 11pm, and Australia vs Peru kicking off on Tuesday at 1am. The boys are in fine form, so we’re still picturing the sweet image of them raising the trophy high in the air next month – and, it could happen.

So when deciding where to watch the FIFA World Cup in Brisbane, you definitely don’t want to just stay in. While the couch may be appealing, it lacks atmosphere and you’re not a fun sponge, are you?

Ice cold beer & the FIFA World Cup? Yes please. Source: Quandoo \[…\]

Watching the FIFA World Cup should be with your mates, beers, a ridiculously oversized screen and some tasty, tasty pub grub. So, here are 5 places to catch Australia vs Denmark and Australia vs Peru for the FIFA World Cup in Brisbane. The beer will be cold, the passion will palpable – honestly, what more could you want? Aside from the Socceroos winning, of course. Which they totally could, by the way. Oh, we’ve also checked out places in Sydney and Melbourne, just in case you’re heading down south.

5 places to watch the FIFA World Cup in Brisbane

1. Fritzenberger

Sink your teeth into this bad boy while you watch the game. Source: Quandoo \[…\]

Frites, burgers, brewed beers. Is there anything more fitting to indulge in whilst watching the soccer World Cup? We didn’t think so. Which means, Brisbane, you need book yourself into Fritzenberger immediately. This no-nonsense spot on Petrie Terrace sources everything meticulously, brews its own beer and is showing the FIFA World Cup on the big screen. There will be yelling, eating, drinking and more yelling and we are so into it. Get it done, pals.

FIFA World Cup eats: Fritzen X Burger of two grass-fed patties, aged cheddar, hydroponic lettuce, organic tomatoes, Spanish onion and the housemade Fritzen sauce with several servings of frites.

52 Petrie Terrace, Paddington, Brisbane 4000

2. Montague Hotel

Now this is a food-lay we can get behind. Source: Quandoo \[…\] [Read More&](

Ahhh The Monty. Home to 17 delightful craft beers, salsa nights, happy hour (from 4 – 7pm) and one of the best looking menus in Brisbane, The Montague is one of our favs. Located on Montague Road in West End, they’ve got 15 screens with audio so you can cheer on The Roos without worrying too much about whether you can see and hear the action. A perfect blend of casual and fancy, get there early for a feed and a few rounds before kickoff. FIFA World Cup 2018 at The Monty? Yes please!

FIFA World Cup eats: Greek-style lamb from the smokey charcoal rotisserie cooked with rosemary, lemon and cumin, with tzatziki and a roast lemon and red wine jus, served with duck fat potatoes and roasted root vegetables.

363 Montague Road, West End, Brisbane 4101

3. Grand Central Hotel

Grand Central Hotel is the ideal choice for watching the FIFA World Cup. Source: Quandoo \[…\]

Set within one of the most impressive locations in Brisbane, Grand Central Hotel is the right amount of chill and glam, and we love it. It’s been beautifully restored and is home to several dining rooms and an impressive bar, with old-world decor throughout. They’re showing all the Socceroos games, so you can expect a passionate clientele here and rightfully so. They also do a particularly tasty espresso martini for those that need a boost – especially for the Australia vs Peru match.

FIFA World Cup eats: Get around The Grand Central schnitzel topped with creamy bacon sauce, parmesan and fresh shallots.

270 Ann Street, Brisbane CBD 4000

4. Bavarian Bier Cafe Eagle Street Pier

Views, FIFA & a pork knuckle or two are on offer at the Bavarian Bier Cafe. Source: Quandoo \[…\]

Considering that Germany won last time, it’s no surprise that The Bavarian Bier Cafe on Eagle Street Pier is getting amongst the FIFA World Cup 2018 action. You can match the intensity with views of the Story Bridge and riverfront while downing a stein or ten and tucking into a pretzel or pork knuckle. The games will be shown on the big screen and you can tuck into 10c chicken wings and boots of beer at half-time – yes, boots. Anything better? We think not.

FIFA World Cup eats: The crispy pork knuckle served with creamy mash, sauerkraut, bier jus and apple compote.

45 Eagle Street, Brisbane CBD 4000

5. The Belvedere Hotel

Cheer on the boys at The Belvedere. Source: Quandoo \[…\] [Read More…](

Heading out of the city a little bit – 25 minutes to be exact – and our eyes are fixed on The Belvedere in Woody Point. With dreamy views of the ocean, an outdoor deck and a delicious Australian-style menu, it makes an excellent choice to catch the Socceroos in the FIFA World Cup. If you can swing it, it’s an idea to make a night out of this one. Arrive early, feast, sip and get merry, then settle in to let your inner footie fan be unleashed. They’re making an effort to show as many games as possible, which is excellent in our opinion. The viewings take place in the Jetty Bar and are called ‘Live & Loud’, which we are so into. Definitely one to consider, folks.

FIFA World Cup eats: Grilled barramundi sourced from North Queensland with a carrot and ginger puree, warm quinoa and chickpea salad and pickled ginger.

26 Oxley Avenue, Woody Point, Brisbane 4019