Immunity Boosting Bowls to Takeaway in Brisbane

Social distancing shouldn’t come between you and good food. Luckily, Brisbane is surrounded by local restaurants and cafés making sure you can eat like champions while staying at home.

So, if you’ve been wondering how you can support local hospitality owners in Australia while building up that immune system of yours, we’ve got your back.

From the heart of Brisbane CBD all the way to East Brissy and New Farm, we’ve zoomed around the city to find a selection of hip cafés serving bowls full of superfood. Think acai bowls, buddha bowls and taco bowls. These dishes are full of endless nutrients that’ll send your immune system to its happy place. Self isolating elsewhere? We’ve done our homework on immunity boosting foods in Melbourne and healthy takeaways in Sydney too.

Before we dive into the bowls, let’s talk about what specific vitamins and minerals you should be looking out for in order to boost your immunity. Seek out fresh food with plenty of vitamin C, E, A and D, folate, iron, beta carotene, selenium and zinc. Scientific words aside, this could mean loading up on classic health foods like spinach, ginger and oranges as well as adding fermented foods, sweet potatoes, dark berries and kale to your diet too.

Alrighty! Wash your hands, Brisbane buddies. It’s time to dig in…

Healthy Takeaways to Bowl You Over…

The Smug Fig

We’d be pretty smug too if we were slinging goods like this go-to café in Brisbane. Located in a lush cottage garden nursery on Stanley Street in East Brisbane, The Smug Fig serves a killer breakfast and lunch menu in green and beachy surroundings. Due to current restrictions, the team will be making everyone’s self-isolation a little easier by serving a simple and wholesome takeaway brunch and lunch menu from the window of their blue container.

Start the day the vegan way, with The Smug Fig’s acai bowl which comes topped with bananas, mixed berries, seasonal fruit and granola. A meal like this is packed with antioxidants, vitamin C and other immunity boosting ingredients to combat sickness. Plus, the smile that you get from the crew here has some pretty impressive healing powers too.

How to order: Take a sneak peek at The Smug Fig’s menu and then hit them up on 3392 2033 to pre-order.Follow the latest: Instagram

Sunshine in a bowl | Photo credit: The Smug Fig \[…\]

Miss Jones

While we’re certainly going to temporarily miss dining amongst the soft pink palettes of Miss Jones’ home on Brunswick Street in New Farm, they’ve designed a special takeaway menu so we can bring them back home with us. Whether you’re craving breakfast, brunch, lunch or specialty coffee, you can get your fix of healthy eats from these Brisbane good sorts.

For all the beta carotene, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and other such immune boosters, opt for the Brunswick Bowl. As well as bonus vitamins and minerals, this bowl has a lot going for it in terms of taste. Each spoonful comes with a helping of roasted sweet potato and broccoli, pickled beets, spinach, avo, a poached egg and a zingy lemon and green goddess dressing. Delightful.

How to order: Pop over to Bopple to view Miss Jones’ menu and order onlineFollow the latest: Instagram

Proof that not all salads are boring | Photo credit: Miss Jones \[…\]

Comuna Cantina

Adding another epic selection of immunity boosting bowls to the table is Comuna Cantina, everyone’s fave Latin American Restaurant in the heart of Brisbane. Colouring in Albert Lane with vibrant tacos, salsas and fruity cocktails, Comuna also throws down some hella good salads.

For those days at home when you know you should probably opt for a salad, but can only think about tacos – these guys can help out. Comuna has a selection of green bowls, stuffed with health-giving ingredients plus all the things we love about Mexican food. Black beans, guacamole, charred corn… It’s a total immunity fiesta!

How to order: Pop over this way to view the Comuna Cantina menu and order onlineFollow the latest: Instagram

Who wouldn’t want to take this Mexican feast home with them? | Photo credit: Comuna Cantina \[…\]


Another top Brunswick Street establishment is none other than Dicki’s. This lively New Farm café is continuing to roll out their plant-based eats through a takeaway and delivery menu. Hallelujah! The chefs are keeping the kitchen well-stocked with the freshest vegetarian supplies to keep your immune system in check. And taste buds satisfied, of course.

Dicki’s Nurture Bowl stands by its name by only using nourishing ingredients that tick all the boxes: tempeh to increase antibodies; nuts and grains for a good dose of vitamin E; green tahini for a hit of zinc and magnesium; and coconut bacon because – well, because coconut bacon. Have we got you drooling yet?

How to order: You can place an online order with Dicki’s over on DeliverooFollow the latest: Instagram

Every bite is magic | Photo credit: Dicki’s \[…\]

Your turn!

What immunity boosting foods are at the top of your list? Hit us up in the comments if you have a favourite local café or restaurant offering healthy delivery or take away options at the moment 💪