Sydney’s Healthy Takeaway Alternatives

There are two things that could really do with our support right now: Sydney’s local restaurants and our immunity system.

So, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to highlight some of the city’s health-giving restaurants and cafes sticking it out during these weird times of uncertainty.

From Bondi and Woolrich to Surry Hills and Willoughby, we’ve tracked down some of the eateries providing wholesome delivery and takeaway options over the next several weeks. And if you’re home isolating elsewhere, we’ve got healthy takeaway guides for for Melbourne and Brisbane too.

Let’s be clear. We’re certainly not telling you that you can’t have your Cadbury chocolate bar or glass of red wine – god knows you need it. However, we do urge you to support Sydney’s local hospitality scene and give your immune system a little boost along the way. What do you say?

Treat your immunity to these healthy takeaways…

Shuk Bondi

Many of us around Sydney wonder what we ever did to deserve a place like SHUK. Influenced by their Israeli roots, SHUK’s menu is a mix of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines where the freshest produce is used to create healthy flavour-packed dishes. The restaurant’s Bondi, Elizabeth Bay and Chatswood branches are currently serving takeaway brunch, lunch and more.

You can’t go wrong with ordering nutritious meals at SHUK, but if you’re wanting an optimum immunity-boosting dish we suggest going for the spiced sweet potato salad. First off, sweet potatoes are abundant in beta carotene and vitamin A – with heaps of antioxidants that’ll ward off any signs of the sniffles. SHUK adds lentils (high in zinc, iron and vitamin B6), leafy greens, cucumber, tomatoes, almonds (vitamin E rich) and an option to layer on some salmon – our favourite vitamin-D providing pal.

How to order: Place an online order at SHUK through Hey YouFollow the latest: Instagram

SHUK’s sweet potato salad makes us feel all the good things \[…\] [Read](

Ironwood Coffee Company

Housed in a charming brick building in Sydney’s Woolrich, Ironwood Coffee is a treasured local coffee roastery and restaurant. Well known for roasting certified Fairtrade and organic coffee on the daily, Ironwood is also loved for its wholesome menu that heroes local farmers and growers.

For the greatest start to the morning, order Ironwood’s acai bowl which is topped with roasted oats, bananas, strawberries and a good scoop of peanut butter. Your immune system will thrive off the antioxidants from the acai and strawberries, zinc and selenium from the oats (hella important minerals for warding off diseases) and the peanut butter’s vitamin E kick. We think you’ll be feeling pretty damn good after this feed.

How to order: Check out Ironwood’s menu and then give ‘em a call on 9879 7770**Follow the latest:** Instagram

This acai bowl will kick bugs to the curb first thing in the morning | Photo credit: Ironwood Coffee Company \[…\]


Named after one of Lebanon’s most beautiful regions, Zahli restaurant pays homage to their Middle Eastern heritage. There is nothing quite like dining outdoors at Zahli and enjoying their delicious mezze in the Surry Hills sunshine. While that’s not possible at the moment, they’re offering the next best thing with a delivery and pick up service. And, trust us. You’re going to need a banquet of hearty Lebanese goodness to get you through these trying times.

The Zahli menu is designed to share (with your home isolation pals, of course) so go to town on the array of cold and hot mezze. Our picks would be hummus, makdous (stuffed eggplant with capsicum, walnuts and garlic) and the cauliflower and tahini. The chickpeas in the hummus as well as the tahini will take care of your zinc intake, capsicums and cauliflower provide tonnes of vitamin C, there’s vitamin E in walnuts and garlic is an obvious immunity booster.

How to order: After you’ve had the hard time deciding on options from Zahli’s menu, ring 02 9318 2228 to order from their friendly crewFollow the latest: Instagram

Who said staying at home meant a boring dinner table? | Photo credit: Zahli \[…\]

The Incinerator

The Incinerator is where Sydney folk go to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Complete with a lush garden space and stunning interior, the cafe is housed in the iconic 1930s Willoughby Incinerator building. The sophisticated brunch offering is one of our absolute faves – and we’re thanking our lucky stars that these guys are sticking it out with takeaways during this uncertain period.

They also know a thing or two about putting together an anything-but-boring salad. The Incinerator’s Green Breaky Bowl comes overflowing in tasty goodies to boost your immune system. Pack on the vitamin C, folate and calcium with kale and baby spinach. Then, back it up with avocado antioxidants, beetroot hummus, quinoa amino acids, toasted seeds, coconut and an egg for added protein. Okay, you’re now ready to take on the world.

How to order: Call 02 8188 2220 to order from The Incinerator’s killer brunch menu. A delivery service is also in the works, so keep an eye out!Follow the latest: Instagram

Get this in your belly stat | Photo Credit: The Incinerator \[…\] [Read More&#](

Bad Hombres

Just because the world has decided to shut down, doesn’t mean you have to cancel all fiestas. Luckily Bad Hombres, the coolest Mexican restaurant for miles (which also happens to be fully vegan), has you sorted. These guys are currently putting together a hot new delivery and takeaway menu. It’ll feature alcohol too – but let’s stick to immunity foods for now, shall we?

There’s a lot to love about the menu at Bad Hombres. So much so, that even hardcore carnivores and cheese freaks aren’t missing their meat and dairy. The restaurant replaces any trace of animal with hearty natural ingredients. Cashew crema steps in for the cheese and braised black beans give mince a run for its money. You’ll find these immune boosters in dishes like Chilli NON Carne and Papa Rellena.

How to order: Keep an eye out on Bad Hombres Instagram for the release of their new takeaway and delivery menu!

This Chilli NON Carne is just as good as the original | Photo credit: Bad Hombres \[…\]

Over to you!

Head to the comments below and let us know if you have a go-to for healthy takeaways in Sydney 🌱